How to Cite a Musical Composition in MLA Format

Basic Information

  • Write down the sound recordings in a format they can easily be found by the audience. Citations will as usual begin with author’s name. They may also be cited by Composers (Comp) name or Performers (Perf. If not, have them listed after the title of the album).If required, use correctly the abbreviation of the person’s name and punctuation. Every song title should be in quotes, album titles in italics. Give the name of the recording company followed by the date of publication or n.d. if the date is not known. The medium used should be listed last e.g. CD, DVD, Blue ray Disk etc.
Create Your Works Cited

Musical Composition

  • Name of Group or Artist. “Title of Song.” Title of Album. Label, Year.
  • Johann Sebastian. The Three Violin Concert in Full Score. Sony, 2012. DVD.