How to Pick the Best Format for your Term Paper

As you choose the best format for your term paper, the first thing to consider is whether the instructor requires a certain style. If it was left up to you, use the style more appropriate for the course where the paper was assigned. As there are various styles, schools within the U.S. largely rely on 3 formats. MLA, or (Modern Language Association) often is used in language, writing, and literature courses; APA, or (American Psychological Association) typically is used in the behavioral and social sciences; and Chicago works cited or CMS (Chicago Manual of Style) generally is followed within the fine arts and a few humanities disciplines. A paper’s appearance and citations are going to change with the format, yet there are available style guides with in-depth instructions.

MLA style

MLA style is primarily used in literature, language and composition courses. The format will emphasizes the writer instead of the source itself.

APA style

An APA term paper format is mainly used in behavioral and social science courses and sometimes in geography or business courses. This documentation technique will emphasize currency of the source, and asks for the year of publication alongside the author’s last name and uses page numbers solely with direct quotes. In a text, writers must use past tense for citations, like “Darwin claimed,” yet present tense for established or results knowledge, as in “high cholesterol is dangerous” or “the study shows.”

Chicago style

Chicago works cited is typically the style preferred by the fine arts and a few humanities fields, like philosophy and history. CMS includes the most general format for term papers, as it wasn’t made for any particular discipline. It’ll require footnotes with superscript numerals within the text that corresponds to the note at the page’s bottom. Although, some instructors accept endnotes, putting all of the notes together at the paper’s end. The tense utilized for citations will be up to the writer’s preference, so long as all critical information may be discovered in the note or upon the “bibliography” page for resources at the end.

The appearance of the paper will change depending upon the format used. For instance, CMS and APA usually use title pages, yet MLA doesn’t. CMS and MLA number pages within the top right corner with an author’s last name and numeral, whereas APA utilizes a shortened version of a paper’s title with its page number. APA will place an abstract prior to the essay and break up the text using subheadings. Sometimes, CMS has an outline prior to the body of the paper. Click here to know more!

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How to Create a Research Paper Bibliography

Before an APA format bibliography maker starts to write a research paper bibliography, it’s important to figure out which style the bibliography must follow. There will include numerous research paper styles, yet the most common are the ones which have been set forth by the APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association). Those requirements must be made clear by a professor who assigned the paper or publication editors for which the paper is being created. In some instance, other format styles are required. Other types of styles might involve those which have been set forth within The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (that’s the text used to define what commonly is called “Harvard style”) or Chicago Manual of Style.

Gather all sources

As the correct research paper bibliography style is identified, step two includes gathering all the sources which were used to inform the paper’s content. It might involve quite an array of sources which include printed matter like journals and books, video and audio recordings, news pieces from online sources or papers, interviews, website content, photos, and correspondence. It’s vital that you use the most updated edition of the style guide required, particularly if some of the resources which informed the paper were received by a new kind of media. An out-of-date style guide may not have details about how you can cite a video clip which has been posted on the Internet.


Research paper bibliographies usually are written by an APA format bibliography maker after papers have been completed. If a paper goes through one round of revisions, a research paper bibliography also should be revised. Within the revision, any new sources must be added. Additionally, if there are resources which are no longer applicable to a paper, they must be removed.

List of sources

In many instances, the research paper bibliography simply is a listing of all the sources which informed the paper’s content. In other instances, professors might request an annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliographies are kinds of research paper bibliographies where writers summarize the research as it connects to every source and, especially, how every source contributes to the thesis. Such a research paper bibliography sometimes is created before a paper is composed as an exercise which helps a student organize her thoughts and get herself ready for the actual process of writing. Click here fo more!

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What’s a Works Cited or Bibliography Page?

A works cited page or bibliography written by a professional APA bibliography composer includes a list of the reference material or sources used to create an essay, article, or paper. These “outside” resources involve any electronic or print documents or spoken words providing details not already a portion of a writer’s knowledge base. A writer should put the bibliography page that lists those sources, at the end of the article or essay. Documentation of these sources at the paper’s end simply is an additional part of the process of writing.

Why include a work cited page?

The reason the writer should involve a works cited page includes avoiding plagiarism—not providing proper credit for the words and/or information, which aren’t the author’s own. For a student, an additional reason to list the works cited page is that many teachers require it and mark a paper heavily down if a page is missing.

If an annotated bibliography is asked for, a writer also must include a short synopsis (2 to 4 sentences) of the resources utilized for the paper. A source’s synopsis will follow directly after its corresponding entry upon the bibliography/works cited page.

Different formats

As you choose the format for your works cited page, writers of academic papers such as an APA bibliography composer typically use either the APA or MLA formats. MLA, or Modern Language Association is a format writers use for papers created for the humanities or language arts fields. APA, or American Psychology Association, is a format writers use for papers created for studies within the social sciences.

The CMS (Chicago Manual of Style) and the CSE (Council of Science Editors Style) include two additional formats which might be used. But, those styles are utilized less frequently. If uncertain which format or style you should use, it might be necessary to check with your teacher of the course or editor of the publication if your paper isn’t for a class.

Information found on works cited page

Usually, some details discovered in an entry done by an APA bibliography composer on the works cited page lists the name(s) of the editor(s) and author(s), work’s title, publishing company, city of publication, date of publication or copyright year. If offered, the volume number and/or edition of the work also is listed as well as the date a writer accessed the piece if the source was found online.

The information which should be listed for the work cited entry will be dependent upon the kind of source; thereby, it might be vital to consult a reference work like The Brief Wadsworth Handbook in order to determine which details are needed. Click here for more information!

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Using MLA Style To Your Advantage

If citing your sources seems as difficult as writing the essay itself, you’re not alone. MLA style is very specific and complete with many rules for a reason. And the reason is not to torture you or make your life a living hell. It’s to instill structure and order in what could be an endless nightmare of self-expression. From your teacher’s point of view, think about if there were no guidelines: would you turn in a handwritten essay on paper you ripped out of a spiral notebook? Would you write in brightly colored gel pens? Or would you use different styles of type for every section? The answer is no, probably an enthusiastic and resounding no.

Style Is Important

For all the pain and headache MLA can seem to cause you, it’s pretty sweet when you’re done. It’s not something you may want to do everyday, but it sure does look nice when you’re done with it. When you drop your paper off on your professor’s desk or pass it forward the last thing you want to see is your paper looking different than anyone else’s. MLA style research papers are about the thesis, your argument, the support of that thesis/argument and your conclusions. It is not about making embellishments through typography or formatting. So while the style of your writing is important, the only style you have to worry about aesthetically is making sure you follow every MLA style guideline to the T.

Finding Help Online

If you’re having trouble with MLA, don’t fret, everyone does. Your MLA format works cited page could be difficult if you haven’t done it before. Finding an online tool to help can be huge in assisting you through this arduous process. Reading your MLA style guidebook before starting your essay could be huge too. The success of an MLA format works cited page and your essay are almost one in the same. Mae sure you have the guidelines in front of you while you are pulling quotes from sources for your paper. Recording the proper information in an organized manner as you move through your research is of the utmost importance. The last thing you want to do is find that you are missing information on every one of your sources and have to go back to the library or retrace your steps to retrieve said information. MLA can be a pain, but understanding and learning it is a wonderful tool in helping you be successful in school, which is the only thing you should really be focused on right now in your life. Click here for more information!

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Moving From MLA To APA Style Writing

APA style writing unlike MLA is specific to an area of studying. It is most commonly used when writing for the social sciences. MLA style is the general style used throughout high school and undergraduate work. MLA style writing, depending on your personality type, can either be the most wonderful thing since Calculus or the bane of your very high school existence. For most of us, it was the latter. APA style writing on the other hand should be met with some kind of warm regards. It is a first of many signs of professionalism. It’s a hallmark of what could be published articles you could write in the very near future. Because they are specific to your area of study, the guidelines are a little less painful to learn but not by much.

Stepping Into The Lake

Jumping into a body of near freezing water is a popular analogy. It’s not as popular as the cliché of ripping off a Band-Aid, but it’s up there. Learning APA style writing should be much less painful than learning MLA for the aforementioned reasons, but more than those, it should be easier because in a sense you’ve already done it. You know the water is going to be cold and it’s going to suck, so let’s just get it over with. APA style has strict rules just like MLA, but there are a few major differences. The abstract, the title page and the bibliography are all different. Getting these correct may bring back distant and terrible memories of freshman year in high school when MLA style seemed like a torture device your teachers developed to make your life even harder. Try not to get too lost down memory lane.

The Bibliography

Like any essay, the bibliography can be the most important part. An incomplete bibliography can leave your paper virtually credit less or without merit, so you want to make sure you get that correct. Using an online APA bibliography maker could be a tremendous help. Using an APA bibliography maker will help you to organize your sources while helping you to complete what always seems like the most tedious part of a paper, the bibliography. After completing the bibliography, getting the formatting of the title page and abstract should be pretty simple. The abstract may take some getting used to, but as long as your argument or test is correct, you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing it based off the guidelines provided for the APA style. Click here for more information!

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Tackle Your Annotated Bibliography First

You’re in a real mess. You are writing a paper and need help with organization. You’re up to your ears in books and research, scrawling lists of quotes, phrases and keywords which may have seemed important three hours ago but are now seem like arbitrary chicken scratch. Connecting the dots and keeping the thread of your thesis is one of the most difficult parts of writing a cogent essay. Organization, like almost everywhere else in life, is your friend. Writing a paper can seem daunting, but with the help of some online tools and a little organization, there’s hope for you and your chicken scratch yet.

Organizing A Madman’s Ramblings

Whether it’s your notes or the notes of whom you are researching, organization can be tricky. Using an annotated bibliography builder early on can help. Most students will think of a bibliography last because it comes last; this is a mistake. Building a bibliography complete with annotations will not only help you stay organized, it will also help you to better understand your argument or thesis. Annotations, by design, should help you better explain why you are referencing a book or publication. Think of it as a test run. If you’re having trouble explaining why a quote or reference relates to your thesis, you may want to rethink using it. If you can’t seem to stop writing about why it is relevant, take a moment to work those thoughts into your essay.

Putting Your Bibliography To Work

You will break your essay up into easily digestible parts for you and your reader by using an annotated bibliography builder early on in your essay. As you come across research that supports your thesis and write an annotation for it, you are organizing your thoughts, testing their validity and tackling a small part of your essay. There are many other ways to tackle an essay, one of them being scribbling quotes as fast as you can find them. Hopefully you can see the advantage of building an annotated bibliography as you move along versus this technique.

Bibliography First

By building your bibliography first, you are in affect testing your own argument as you insert every quote and that’s not a bad thing. Trying to pare down your quotes later is not only difficult because of the amount of information you will be reworking, it can also be a waste of time because you could spend hours pulling quotes you don’t need. Do yourself a favor and start building your annotated bibliography early on in your essay. Click here for more information!

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Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library Gets New Service

The Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library in Sewell, New Jersey, is thrilled to announce that they have teamed up with Hoopla to offer the popular media giant’s programs to the library’s cardholders. Hoopla offers over 300,000 different items including movies, music and digital books. All patrons of the library will have to do to use the Hoopla service is enter the email that is connected with their library card. Librarians are not worried about this new service cutting down on the number of people that visit the library. They feel that it will be an opportunity to reach a different type of audience than they are already reaching.

The Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library is already a very busy place. Recently, children have been watching Monarch cocoons at the library. The cocoons finally hatched and a group of children were able to release the butterflies for their long trip to Mexico. Children have also recently watched a magician perform.

Meanwhile, adult patrons of the library have been busy with their own programming. The library has sponsored a poetry reading event. Adults have also increased their computer skills in the informational technology program.

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Five Most Common MLA Works Cited Page Errors

Errors are only human, but carefully proofreading your works cited page helps to ensure that you make fewer of them. Even if you are using a works cited creation tool, it is only as effective as the material that you put into it.

The first common problem is to become confused about what should be italicized. It is important to italicize the title of a book. If you use a periodical, including a journal, then only the name of the periodical is italicized.

The second most common problem is improper use of quotation marks. If you cite work from an anthology or a collection, then only the work’s title should be inside the quotation marks. It should not be capitalized or in italics.

As part of your final proofreading, make sure to check your works cited page. Often the citations in the text and the entries in the paper do not line up. If you find this problem, make sure to correct it.

The MLA works cited page should not contain URLs. The only exception to this rule is if the professor or employer wants them there.
Of all the different styles, the MLA style has the most rules about how and when to use abbreviations. Make sure to use them properly.

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Your Startup Should Consider Newark New Jersey

Newark’s Location

Newark is the largest city in the State of New Jersey and only 8 miles west of Manhattan. It is one of the nation’s major hubs for air transport, shipping routes, and rail lines. Newark’s international airport serves more than 30 million passengers per year traveling to over 160 cities including 84 foreign destinations. The port of Newark-Elizabeth is the largest in the eastern United States and main container ship facility for goods entering and departing the New York area. Path and NJ Transit provide 20 minute rides from Manhattan and there’s direct access to Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. Newark is also a major fiber optics hub with broadband superiority and abundant high speed internet.

Newark’s Talent Pool

Newark is also home to many prestigious universities, such as Seton Hall School of Law, NJIT, Rutgers Newark, Essex Community College, and Rutgers Medical and Law Schools that graduate 1000s of talented students each and every year . Newark serves as the headquarters of multiple large corporations such as PSEG, Prudential,, and Panasonic Corporation of North America. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Prudential Center (Home of the NJ Devils) and the Newark Museum all call Newark home.

Newark is Startup Friendly

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (, with the support of Mayor Ras Baraka and the city of Newark have made significant improvements in the business licensing process. It’s new on-line platform has reduced the business-licencing application processing time by over 90%. Businesses can now focus on setting up their companies instead of paperwork & red tape. Newark is now home to a $50 million accelerator and venture capital fund ( for tech startups. Startups will have access to capital, company-building services, and rent-free access to work-space compliments of Don Katz of and many other philanthropists. As Workscited4u looks to expand it’s operations, it will most certainly consider Newark NJ as it’s headquarters.

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Libraries are more Important than ever!

In an increasingly online society, we see the role of public libraries as cultural and community staples at times undervalued, and many times under fire. Libraries offer access to literature, arts, and resources that help foster cultural enrichment and quality of life for communities across the United States. Libraries are still places where people congregate to explore, collaborate, and imagine.

Workscited4u Libraries

We look forward to highlighting some of the most innovative and interesting libraries across the country. We will also feature new libraries that are opening and highlight struggling ones that need support. We look forward to bringing this new content to the Workscited4u community soon!

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