How to Cite an Interview in MLA Format

Basic Information

  • Interviews will normally fall into two groups, print and broadcast, published and unpublished (personal). They may also appear as web or email format.

Personal Interviews

  • These are typically interviews you have carry out yourself. When citing begin with the name of the interview. Include the personal interview or descript and the interview date.

  • —Joseph, Murdoch. Personal interview. 27 Feb. 2012.

Published Interviews (Print or Broadcast)

  • Begin with the name who was interviewing (interviewee); if it’s part of a larger work e.g. a book, a television program or a series then include the title of the interview in quotation marks. The title of the larger work should be in italics. If the interview seems to be an independent title; italicize it. Establish the medium used in publication e.g. print, broadcast or web and finish filling the rest of the entry with the data required by that medium. Enter the name of the author or editor after the book’s title if it’s a book.
  • NB: If the interview for which you are citing does not have a title, add a descriptor interview (Unformatted) after the interviewee’s name. You may also use the descriptor interview to include the name of the interviewee to the citation if it’s relevant to your paper.

  • —Mariah, Gayle. Interview with James Ingram. Charlotte Review 10.1 (2012): 133-22. Print.
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