About Us

Not so long ago, a group of four undergraduate college students put their heads together to make life easier for students and professionals everywhere. Abhi Patel from New York University, Ben Solof and Steven Grella from the University of Maryland, and Todd Rubin from the University of Pennsylvania welcome you to Workscited4u.com.

One common frustration stood head and shoulders above the rest: figuring out bibliographical formatting after completing a thesis or essay. As if writing the actual piece wasn't hard enough. The four students agreed that something had to be done and done it was! WorkCited4U.com was born out of that one single frustration and now you don't have to suffer anymore.

Whether your source is an encyclopedia, a book with multiple authors, a historical document, a sports documentary, even a work of music WorksCited4U.com will automatically process the individual formats, adhering to the MLPA, APA or Chicago Turabian style formatting.

You just enter the relevant information into our bib builder and your bibliography is ready to go at the click of a button! Say goodbye to those formatting and punctuation woes for good!

Our Team

  • Benjamin Solof, Co-Founder

    Benjamin Solof earned a bachelors of science in finance from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Benjamin oversees the Workscited4u.com web site -- its content, community, services, products, policies, design, and production. Together with his staff, located in Merrick, New York Benjamin is charged with ensuring that both the millions of users who visit the web site and the sponsors who target those users are continuously satisfied and delighted.

  • Steven Grella, Co-Founder

    Steven Grella earned a bachelors of science in economics from the University of Maryland. Steven is responsible for the development of partnerships and clients, as well as identifying and resolving finance, IT, and operations issues. Steven's main priorties include being the main liaison to public libraries, public schools, and universitys in ensuring that their patrons have the full capabilities of Workscited4u at their disposal around the year.

  • Abhi Patel, Co-Founder

    Abhi Patel is a current student concentrating in Pre-Medicine from New York University. Abhi is responsible for updating the bibliographical formats as well as making sure Workscited4u maintains its site integrity and brand credibility for its large user base. His priorities include ethics, development, implementation, and compliance of policy, which covers privacy, partnerships, editorial content, and sponsored content.

  • Todd Rubin, Co-Founder

    Todd Rubin is a current student majoring in Political Science, Spanish, Economics, and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. Todd leads a team responsible for serving Workscited4u.com users by selecting the best content to appear on its home page, newsletters, and partner sites. Todd also manages the programming team, which is responsible for presenting timely and relevant content to Workscited4u users, and the client implementation services team, which develops content initiatives supported by Workscited4u sponsors.