Citing a Lecture in Chicago

Step 1: Formatting the Speaker's name

  • Place the name of the speaker in a reversed order. (Last name, First name) Remember to write the complete first name and not the initials only. If you are to add middle initials or any suffixes such as Jr. and Sr. or roman numerals, add these after the first name and separated it with a comma. End the cited name with a period.

  • —Example: Howard, Ferdinand.
    Howard, Ferdinand, Jr.

Step 2: Formatting the Title of the lecture

  • Cite the presentation title inside quotation marks, ending it with a period inside the quotation marks. Place the presentation title after the name of the speaker. Headline capitalization should be used. (Capitalizing the first letter of each word)

  • Place the type of presentation, (e.g speech, reading, lecture and such).

  • State the name of the event where the lecture was presented, separating it from the presentation title with a comma and using the word "from" in before the place where the lecture was performed. Add the city and state if necessary and end it with the addition of the date of presentation in full date format. Separate all with commas.

  • —Example: Howard, Ferdinand "Finding relevance on unreasonable situations." Lecture, from Athena University, Greece, September 11, 2011.

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