What to Look for When Revising Your Rough Draft

After you complete your rough draft you must thoroughly revise it. At this time you will be looking at all aspects of your paper and will correct any flaws. Things like punctuation, grammar, and spelling should be looked at closely, and you also need to be mindful of things like tone and if you are targeting the right audience.

Identify Your Evidence

This is the time when you need to look at your thesis and ensure that you have the proper evidence to support it, according to Purdue Online Writing Lab. You want to ensure that the evidence is sufficient, detailed, and credible. You should also take this time to look at all of your citations. Make sure that they are done correctly and that you used citations whenever they were necessary.

Did You Stick To the Assignment?

This is important because at this stage you can make changes in the direction of your paper without adding too much extra work. Look at the grading rubric and assignment instructions to ensure that you have hit all of the necessary points. Make sure that all of your research is relevant and that you analyzed it properly and at the right times. If you have gotten off topic in places, this is the time to reign it in and bring everything back on topic.

Is Your Paper Organized?

You want to look at each paragraph, as well as the sections as a whole. Does your paper flow well? If you feel that things are a bit choppy, see if you can switch a few sections to improve flow. Each section should lead into the next relatively smoothly. When you are looking at individual paragraphs, you must ensure that each sentence flows well into the next and that transition words are used properly.

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