What’s a Works Cited or Bibliography Page?

A works cited page or bibliography written by a professional APA bibliography composer includes a list of the reference material or sources used to create an essay, article, or paper. These “outside” resources involve any electronic or print documents or spoken words providing details not already a portion of a writer’s knowledge base. A writer should put the bibliography page that lists those sources, at the end of the article or essay. Documentation of these sources at the paper’s end simply is an additional part of the process of writing.

Why include a work cited page?

The reason the writer should involve a works cited page includes avoiding plagiarism—not providing proper credit for the words and/or information, which aren’t the author’s own. For a student, an additional reason to list the works cited page is that many teachers require it and mark a paper heavily down if a page is missing.

If an annotated bibliography is asked for, a writer also must include a short synopsis (2 to 4 sentences) of the resources utilized for the paper. A source’s synopsis will follow directly after its corresponding entry upon the bibliography/works cited page.

Different formats

As you choose the format for your works cited page, writers of academic papers such as an APA bibliography composer typically use either the APA or MLA formats. MLA, or Modern Language Association is a format writers use for papers created for the humanities or language arts fields. APA, or American Psychology Association, is a format writers use for papers created for studies within the social sciences.

The CMS (Chicago Manual of Style) and the CSE (Council of Science Editors Style) include two additional formats which might be used. But, those styles are utilized less frequently. If uncertain which format or style you should use, it might be necessary to check with your teacher of the course or editor of the publication if your paper isn’t for a class.

Information found on works cited page

Usually, some details discovered in an entry done by an APA bibliography composer on the works cited page lists the name(s) of the editor(s) and author(s), work’s title, publishing company, city of publication, date of publication or copyright year. If offered, the volume number and/or edition of the work also is listed as well as the date a writer accessed the piece if the source was found online.

The information which should be listed for the work cited entry will be dependent upon the kind of source; thereby, it might be vital to consult a reference work like The Brief Wadsworth Handbook in order to determine which details are needed. Click here for more information!

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