Understanding the Importance of Internal Citations

In-text citations are used to show where you got your information from. This is important because it adds credibility to your paper and helps to protect you from plagiarism. It is important that all research papers contain in-text citations or else there is no way to verify the resources that you used to craft your paper.

Why Are In-Text Citations Important?

In-text citations add credibility to your research, but this is not the only purpose that they serve. You should use in-text citations for the following reasons:

• They give credit to the person who is the original source of the information
• Properly citing information helps you to avoid plagiarism
• Your reader will know where to look to verify the information that you used

What Information Should Be Cited Within the Text?

When you are writing your paper, you will cite a variety of things. You will cite in-text when you use the following type of information:

• Facts that are not considered to be common knowledge
• Statistics and percentages
• Another person’s ideas
• Direct quotes from another person

A general rule of thumb is to cite anything that is not your own idea. It is critical to give credit where credit is due when you are conducting research and crafting a paper around this. Keep in mind that it is possible to plagiarize ideas and this is why things other than direct quotes also need to be properly cited too.

Elements of In-Text Citations

When you are crafting your in-text citations, it is important to do them properly. Pellissippi State Community College states that you must use the author’s last name and the year of publication to create the citation. Some instructors will also require that you add either a page number or a paragraph number to the citation.

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