Understanding the Importance of Foot Notes

Using foot notes correctly can add value to your paper and the research you did to craft it. These are used to expand upon the references that you use in your text. This will allow your readers to learn more about the resources you used during your research. They can verify the research you present and then learn more about the research if necessary.

Should Content Notes Be Used?

You can add content notes in with your foot notes to provide additional information to your readers. These will tell your readers where you got the information and will explain a bit about what that specific reference can tell them, according to Purdue Online Writing Lab. These can lend some clarity to your foot notes.

Why Are Footnotes Useful in Writing?

Footnotes are helpful to your reader in that they clarify information as they read through your research. It is important to use footnotes correctly so that they are purely useful and do not become distracting. There are some quick tips you can use to better understand the importance of footnotes and to ensure you are using them properly:

• Keep track of the footnotes you need to use as you craft the initial draft of your research paper so that you can easily add them as you do your edits
• Make sure that you use the footnote format that your instructor prefers so that he or she can easily use them to get additional information
• Use the shortened version of footnotes when necessary to reduce clutter in your paper
• Use a footnote when it is necessary to identify where you got your information from.
• Place the footnote properly at the end of each page so that they are easily found.

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