Understanding the Importance of End Notes

End notes are an important element when it comes to writing credible research papers. These notes will point your readers toward the resources that you used so that they can verify your research and do further reading into the subject. It is important to use these notes correctly so that they add further substance to your paper.

Should Content Notes Also be Included?

Content notes are not absolutely necessary, but your readers may find them helpful. These are used to add a little explanation to the sources that you used. For example, if you use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to grab some statistics, you would use a content note to tell your reader how to find the source and then add a short explanation of what you found at that specific source, according to Purdue Online Writing Lab.

What Are the Uses of End Notes?

End notes can be very useful for readers because it helps them to clarify things as they read through your research paper. There are several tips you can use to ensure that you are properly using end notes and so that you can understand why they are important:

• As you are writing your paper, you want to include your end notes right away. This will ensure that you are properly citing all sources and not forgetting to give credit to any sources used
• Create your specific end note page last and place it before your reference page
• Make sure that your end notes are clear so that your reader fully benefits from them. You must cite these properly and use the approved format
• Make sure that you are using end notes per your teacher’s instructions so that they are done to his or her specifications

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