Tips to Avoid Distractions When Writing a Research Paper

When you sit down to work on your research paper, you want to be able to devote all of your focus to it. If you have things distracting you, there is the risk that you may make mistakes during the research or writing process. There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of distractions so that you can concentrate. Ideally, you will spend at least 15 to 30 minutes of time where you are not distracted during each research and writing session, according to College View.

Turn Off All Other Electronics

You want to turn off your television, radio, and all other electronics that can prove to be distractions. When you are working on your research paper, you want all of your attention devoted to it. Of course, your computer will be on, but this should be it. You should turn the sound down on your computer so that email notifications do not distract you.

Have a Snack Ready

If you already have something to drink and a snack or two, you will not need to walk away from your work to get these. You should go for a healthy snack, such as whole-wheat crackers, cheese, fruits, or vegetables. These will help to keep you alert and focused. You also want to have water, but coffee or tea can also be added to the mix.

Put Your Pets Elsewhere

If your pets are constantly jumping on you or wanting your attention, this can be a major distraction. You should head to a bedroom or another room where you can close a door and not allow your pets into the room. It is important to also find a place where you will be comfortable.

Turn Your Phone Off

If you are frequently getting texts or phone calls from friends and family you will not be able to concentrate on getting your paper written. You want to turn it off during the times that you are researching and writing. You should put your phone out of your view and do not bother with it until you are done.

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