Tackle Your Annotated Bibliography First

You’re in a real mess. You are writing a paper and need help with organization. You’re up to your ears in books and research, scrawling lists of quotes, phrases and keywords which may have seemed important three hours ago but are now seem like arbitrary chicken scratch. Connecting the dots and keeping the thread of your thesis is one of the most difficult parts of writing a cogent essay. Organization, like almost everywhere else in life, is your friend. Writing a paper can seem daunting, but with the help of some online tools and a little organization, there’s hope for you and your chicken scratch yet.

Organizing A Madman’s Ramblings

Whether it’s your notes or the notes of whom you are researching, organization can be tricky. Using an annotated bibliography builder early on can help. Most students will think of a bibliography last because it comes last; this is a mistake. Building a bibliography complete with annotations will not only help you stay organized, it will also help you to better understand your argument or thesis. Annotations, by design, should help you better explain why you are referencing a book or publication. Think of it as a test run. If you’re having trouble explaining why a quote or reference relates to your thesis, you may want to rethink using it. If you can’t seem to stop writing about why it is relevant, take a moment to work those thoughts into your essay.

Putting Your Bibliography To Work

You will break your essay up into easily digestible parts for you and your reader by using an annotated bibliography builder early on in your essay. As you come across research that supports your thesis and write an annotation for it, you are organizing your thoughts, testing their validity and tackling a small part of your essay. There are many other ways to tackle an essay, one of them being scribbling quotes as fast as you can find them. Hopefully you can see the advantage of building an annotated bibliography as you move along versus this technique.

Bibliography First

By building your bibliography first, you are in affect testing your own argument as you insert every quote and that’s not a bad thing. Trying to pare down your quotes later is not only difficult because of the amount of information you will be reworking, it can also be a waste of time because you could spend hours pulling quotes you don’t need. Do yourself a favor and start building your annotated bibliography early on in your essay. Click here for more information!

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