Using MLA Style To Your Advantage

If citing your sources seems as difficult as writing the essay itself, you’re not alone. MLA style is very specific and complete with many rules for a reason. And the reason is not to torture you or make your life a living hell. It’s to instill structure and order in what could be an endless nightmare of self-expression. From your teacher’s point of view, think about if there were no guidelines: would you turn in a handwritten essay on paper you ripped out of a spiral notebook? Would you write in brightly colored gel pens? Or would you use different styles of type for every section? The answer is no, probably an enthusiastic and resounding no.

Style Is Important

For all the pain and headache MLA can seem to cause you, it’s pretty sweet when you’re done. It’s not something you may want to do everyday, but it sure does look nice when you’re done with it. When you drop your paper off on your professor’s desk or pass it forward the last thing you want to see is your paper looking different than anyone else’s. MLA style research papers are about the thesis, your argument, the support of that thesis/argument and your conclusions. It is not about making embellishments through typography or formatting. So while the style of your writing is important, the only style you have to worry about aesthetically is making sure you follow every MLA style guideline to the T.

Finding Help Online

If you’re having trouble with MLA, don’t fret, everyone does. Your MLA format works cited page could be difficult if you haven’t done it before. Finding an online tool to help can be huge in assisting you through this arduous process. Reading your MLA style guidebook before starting your essay could be huge too. The success of an MLA format works cited page and your essay are almost one in the same. Mae sure you have the guidelines in front of you while you are pulling quotes from sources for your paper. Recording the proper information in an organized manner as you move through your research is of the utmost importance. The last thing you want to do is find that you are missing information on every one of your sources and have to go back to the library or retrace your steps to retrieve said information. MLA can be a pain, but understanding and learning it is a wonderful tool in helping you be successful in school, which is the only thing you should really be focused on right now in your life. Click here for more information!

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