Get Found Online by Optimizing Your Research Articles

Posting your research articles online requires extensive search engine optimization if you ever want them to be found on the Internet. You can create a stronger academic visibility to increase readership, acknowledgment and citations of your articles. Using developed, proven-effective SEO methods you can attain higher rankings in search engine results. The higher rank will display links to your articles at the top of the search engine result list when anyone types in a keyword or phrase used in your document.


Every search engine uses its own combination of algorithms that seek out information based on phrases, keywords, meta-data and other “values” contained within your article or document. Optimizing the words will help create better indexing and higher rankings anytime anyone uses a search engine looking for the information you provide.


As one the creates academic information, you can use popular keyword tools, including Google AdWords Keyword Tool to become informed on which keywords or phrases you need to include in the title of your article, the subheadings, in its abstract, description tags and throughout the body of the document. By placing strong relevant keywords in your title the search engine is more likely to capture your link and rank it high in their search engine results. Sprinkling the same keywords throughout the text of the article (without bombarding it) will also help.


To be highly effective, write short unique titles for your articles and documents. If you have a chance to use more than one keyword in a title while still accurately describing its contents you may hit gold by increasing your audience. Never go overboard using too many top keywords at every location within your article. Using tastefully placed words can optimize the document without ever compromising its relevance or diminishing the quality of its value. Consider that the most popular keywords are not the only ones used for searching. You may choose to find other keywords that are just as relevant to help rank your article higher in search engine results.


Like any document in the world of academia, citations are critical and must be placed accordingly in your document when applicable. Additionally, they work well for search engine optimization and will improve your ranking. Make sure you consistently spell the last name and initial of the author to ensure that the document and its citations are perfectly identified for the search engine. These simple tips will increase the chances of getting found online.

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