Five Most Common MLA Works Cited Page Errors

Errors are only human, but carefully proofreading your works cited page helps to ensure that you make fewer of them. Even if you are using a works cited creation tool, it is only as effective as the material that you put into it.

The first common problem is to become confused about what should be italicized. It is important to italicize the title of a book. If you use a periodical, including a journal, then only the name of the periodical is italicized.

The second most common problem is improper use of quotation marks. If you cite work from an anthology or a collection, then only the work’s title should be inside the quotation marks. It should not be capitalized or in italics.

As part of your final proofreading, make sure to check your works cited page. Often the citations in the text and the entries in the paper do not line up. If you find this problem, make sure to correct it.

The MLA works cited page should not contain URLs. The only exception to this rule is if the professor or employer wants them there.
Of all the different styles, the MLA style has the most rules about how and when to use abbreviations. Make sure to use them properly.

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