How to Create a Research Paper Bibliography

Before an APA format bibliography maker starts to write a research paper bibliography, it’s important to figure out which style the bibliography must follow. There will include numerous research paper styles, yet the most common are the ones which have been set forth by the APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association). Those requirements must be made clear by a professor who assigned the paper or publication editors for which the paper is being created. In some instance, other format styles are required. Other types of styles might involve those which have been set forth within The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (that’s the text used to define what commonly is called “Harvard style”) or Chicago Manual of Style.

Gather all sources

As the correct research paper bibliography style is identified, step two includes gathering all the sources which were used to inform the paper’s content. It might involve quite an array of sources which include printed matter like journals and books, video and audio recordings, news pieces from online sources or papers, interviews, website content, photos, and correspondence. It’s vital that you use the most updated edition of the style guide required, particularly if some of the resources which informed the paper were received by a new kind of media. An out-of-date style guide may not have details about how you can cite a video clip which has been posted on the Internet.


Research paper bibliographies usually are written by an APA format bibliography maker after papers have been completed. If a paper goes through one round of revisions, a research paper bibliography also should be revised. Within the revision, any new sources must be added. Additionally, if there are resources which are no longer applicable to a paper, they must be removed.

List of sources

In many instances, the research paper bibliography simply is a listing of all the sources which informed the paper’s content. In other instances, professors might request an annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliographies are kinds of research paper bibliographies where writers summarize the research as it connects to every source and, especially, how every source contributes to the thesis. Such a research paper bibliography sometimes is created before a paper is composed as an exercise which helps a student organize her thoughts and get herself ready for the actual process of writing. Click here fo more!

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