How to Set Deadlines for Your Research Paper

Setting reasonable deadlines will ensure that you get your paper done on time and that you will not be rushing at the last minute to finish any work. Once you set your deadlines, it is important to stick to them or else you will quickly fall behind. Ideally, once you set a deadline you will finish either before that time or you will complete the milestone within 24 hours of the deadline that you set.

Consider Your Timeline

Different papers will have different timelines so you need to tailor your deadline schedule to the specific paper, according to Kathryn L. Schwartz. For example, if you have a 15-page paper and a month to do it, you can create a rather simple deadline schedule that will be relatively easy to adhere to. However, if you have an eight-page paper and only a week to do it, you will need to work on a more accelerated schedule to get everything done in time.

Deadline Timeline Example

The following is a deadline timeline example that you can use to get you started in creating your own. You can modify this to fit your needs and your goals. The following is the timeline example:

• Step one: plan your research and the writing of the paper
• Step two: determine and choose the topic of your paper
• Step three: form the focus of your paper and craft the direction you want to go in
• Step four: gather the necessary information and separate your detailed research
• Step five: get started with a paper outline and the title of your paper
• Step six: write your rough draft, revise, and work toward your final draft

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